Ron Howard Talks Delivering "On The Promise Of A Han Solo Film"

Now that Ron Howard is weighing in on his decision to take over as the Han Solo spinoff's director, let's hope this is the end of any "news" on the subject. Whether we like it or not, and judging by Internet reaction it's mostly the latter, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are gone and Howard is in. The reasons why don't really matter anymore, and now it's about hoping the best movie possible gets made.

And that's pretty much the sentiment echoed in Howard's comments today while attending the Cannes Lions...

“It’s a little opportunity that came my way. I’ve been a fan forever. It’s gratifying to be asked to lend my voice to the [Star Wars] universe. So many people involved in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise are friends. It’s already been in production, and there’s a lot of really great work there.”

What comes through from Howard is how much he loves this franchise, alluding to the fact that he was there as George Lucas began to form the idea for Star Wars as they worked together on American Graffiti...

 "I've been around the Star Wars universe from the beginning...We left [Star Wars] almost speechless, and I said, 'Do you want to see it again?' And we got in line and waited another 90 minutes to see it twice the same day."

Howard has some work to do winning over those who are big fans of Lord and Miller, but he stresses again on Twitter that he actually likes much of what they did on the film. That's great, but clearly Lucasfilm didn't.

So what do you think? Can he do it? "Deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film"? Let us know your thoughts.  Filming resumes next month and should hit the May 25th 2018 target release date, but not before Ron finds a role for his brother, Clint Howard.