Review: 'Captain Underpants' Starring Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, & Nick Kroll

When the trailer for this first came out I was like huh? What? This has a movie now? Captain Underpants got this big that it has a movie – well I’ll be. Going into this fully blind on the concept I was pretty delighted by just how much I liked this thing. It’s cool how this kind of comic book but not comic book children’s book about a man with a cape and underwear briefs on can become such a major media force but hey, they added a new member to the fan club.

So, Captain Underpants is the story of George and Harold, two elementary school kids who are best friends who love having a good laugh and making their own comic books, especially their best creation Captain Underpants. The thing is they have one foe, Principal Krupp who hates fun, art and kids having laughs. George and Harold are always pulling pranks and nothing more in the world than splitting up these two kids to destroy their friendship. With nothing else to lose George and Harold end up hypnotizing Krupp into thinking he’s their superhero character Captain Underpants. From there the hijinks and jokes just add up along with an actual bad guy by the name of Professor Poopypants. This whole movie is full of what is basically kid humor. Everything is so bright and colorful with great round shapes full volume and bounce. Being only a little cognizant of the children books you totally get the feeling captured by the art direction done in this movie.

The movie is very well paced and not slow moving at all. It gets you through each point and has you care about each of the main characters. You really feel the desperation of George and Harold as they feel that if they aren’t in the same class their friendship is lost. It’s perfect in a completely little kid way. They also do well and show you that Krupp is a complete human being and to be honest all the adults are handled well but not too much to have a bunch of adult like jokes in there. The movie also some great visuals like a giant robot mecha toilet that shoots giant rolls of toilet paper at houses. Also, all the voice actors do a great job and not overpowering. It’s kind of weird just how well Kevin Hart is at this with such a recognizable voice.

With all the choices in the theaters right now you’ll be fine if you pick this movie or have to go to this if your first choice is sold out. This was a great kids movie that can totally work as a franchise and actually makes even this adult want to delve into the books.
Rating: 4 out of 5