‘Preacher’ Season Two Trailer: Jessie, Tulip & Cassidy Go On A Road Trip

In the season finale of Preacher, Jessie invited his congregation to a special service where he was going to use his newfound powers to call God to come talk with his parishioners.  Turns out, God is MIA, and no one, not the “fake God” who addressed the crowd, not even the Angels DeBlanc and Fiore knew where he was.  After the methane accident decimated the town of Annville, Texas, Jessie (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and their vampire compatriot Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) decide to leave town while Jessie begins his quest to search for the real God.  Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) is hot on Jesse’s trail.

Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen return behind the scenes for the second season of Preacher (now expanding to 13 episodes) returns to AMC June 25th.  From the trailer AMC release today, it’s not going to be a simple road trip as all sorts of hell and mayhem follow them in their journey.  It also looks like comic book favorite Herr Starr and his secretive religious organization The Grail will be officially making his debut.  The crew will also make a pit stop in New Orleans and get into all sorts of shenanigans on the way.