Pop! Obsession: 'The Mummy' Pop Vinyls Feature Sofia Boutella, But Tom Cruise Is Strangely Absent

There's a little bit of controversy surrounding the recently-released Funko Pop! Vinyls for The Mummy, which hits theaters this weekend. It seems the actual star of the movie, Tom Cruise, had his figure cancelled a few weeks ago. What the Hell? That was our first chance to see an action figure of Cruise that accurately reflected his height, and now the only place you can find it is on Ebay for like $200. Cruise will probably buy it himself.

Fortunately, our friends at Entertainment Earth have what IS available, and that's Sofia Boutella as the revamped Universal monster, leading the brand new Dark Universe franchise. In one we see her as Princess Ahmenet before she makes her dark pact with the Egyptian god of death, Set, and the other is after she's been reborn into a new world of gods and monsters.

If you're as Pop! Vinyl obsessed as me, the best places to go are our friends at Entertainment Earth. Our friends have the deepest inventory of Pops, including exclusives, at the best prices anywhere on the Internet. When you click on any of our below links and make a purchase we get a small commission that helps us keep the lights on, at no cost to you at all.  Every little bit helps, and we thank all of you continue to support us and our sponsors.

Order The Mummy 2017 Ahmenet Pop! Vinyl Figure from Entertainment Earth!

Order The Mummy 2017 Pop! Vinyl Figure from Entertainment Earth!