Paul Feig To Direct Anna Kendrick & Blake Lively In Thriller 'A Simple Favor'

Now here's a combination I don't think any of us would have expected. Paul Feig, who has built his career on comedies such as Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Ghostbusters, is set to direct thriller adaptation A Simple Favor, with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively eyeing the lead roles.

Jessica Sharzer adapted the 2017 novel by Darcey Bell, but Feig will likely take a shot at the script himself, too. The story follows a blogger and single mother whose best friend goes missing. It's unclear which roles Kendrick and Lively are pursuing. The project is looking to be set up at Lionsgate, assuming they can snag the rights from Fox 2000 who picked it up a year ago.

There's a downside to all of this, though. Shooting would begin in August, meaning Feig would have to step down from directing the Mindy Kaling/Emma Thompson comedy, Late Night, which sounded pretty good. However it's tough to argue with wanting to work with Kendrick and Lively on a film that is unlike anything he's done before. [TheTrackingBoard/Deadline]