Patty Jenkins Isn't Signed To A 'Wonder Woman' Sequel Yet

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was just on CNN earlier this morning, talking the film that has made her, and star Gal Gadot, the most talked-about women on the planet right now.  Jenkins has been everywhere, and Warner Bros. is smart to keep her out there on the press circuit because she's a strong champion for the film and for female directors everywhere. That said, they might want to get around to locking her down for a sequel.

Turns out you can't trust everything you read. A few days ago THR reported that Jenkins and Gadot were contractually bound for a Wonder Woman sequel, that would likely be set in modern day America. Well, THR has now reversed course, saying that only Gadot has the standard return clause. Oops. That might cost them some extra cashola because Jenkins is in-demand.

We'll see what happens as the studio wants to get negotiations moving soon. They've got a lot on their plate solidifying DC Films with Justice League coming up, Aquaman next year, The Flash still in turmoil and priority projects like Batgirl and Justice League Dark.  We may not hear much about Wonder Woman 2 until those are well underway.

Some good news, Wonder Woman is available for pre-order right now so get yours today.