Netflix Reads My Mind, Casts Gillian Jacobs & Vanessa Bayer In 'Ibiza'

Netflix is not only controlling my life with way too many good shows to binge on, but now they're reaching into my brain and putting my two favorite ladies in the same movie. Dangerous.  Don't Think Twice's Gillian Jacobs and former SNL castmember Vanessa Bayer will star in the comedy, Ibiza, alongside 2 Dope Queens' Phoebe Robinson.

Formerly titled I'm In Love With The DJ when it was set up at Sony, the film is written by Lauryn Kahn with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay producing under their Gary Sanchez banner. Kahn is McKay's longtime assistant who sold her script for He's Fucking Perfect a couple of years ago, and that one is currently in development albeit with a different title for obvious reasons. Alex Richanbach, a Funny or Die vet, will direct.

As for Ibiza, it stars Jacobs as a woman who brings her two best friends on a work trip to Barcelona and Ibiza that quickly goes out of hand as they hunt for a popular DJ. Casting is currently underway for a shoot that will take place in London, Spain, and Los Angeles. Excuse me while I take a few weeks off to bone up on my turntablism.

I'm unfamiliar with Robinson, other than the one time I heard her 2 Dope Queens podcast with Jessica Williams. Jacobs has been under the Netflix umbrella for a while now, having completed two seasons of Love opposite Paul Rust. Bayer just finished her run on SNL (her final episode is classic), and was recently seen in Office Christmas Party and Carrie Pilby.