Neill Blomkamp Debuts Awesomely Weird Full Trailer For Oats Vol. 1

The opening teaser for Neill Blomkamp's experimental venture Oats Studios was brief, but came with a ton of promise. Not only did the array of sci-fi short films look weird and in the vein of Blomkamp's earlier work, but he also said a District 9 followup could emerge out of it. Check please.

And now we're getting the full version of the Oats Vol. 1 trailer, and they look super violent, super weird, and like a guy who is getting that canned Alien sequel out of his system for good.  Blomkamp says the first volume, which apparently will include Sigourney Weaver in a badass role, will consist of three 20-minute shorts. If people like them, there's the potential for them to become features.

Oats Vol. 1 will stream via Steam later this year.