Neil Marshall Promises His 'Hellboy' Will Be Bloody And Emphasize Practical Effects

Considering the years fans of Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman's Hellboy movies have been asking for a sequel, it's going to take some convincing for them to warm up to Neil Marshall's reboot. A good start was by promising an R-rated take co-written by creator Mike Mignola, and by casting Stranger Things star David Harbour to be under all of that red makeup. But if there are still some doubts, Marshall addressed them during an appearance on the Post Mortem podcast.

Marshall wanted to assure fans of two things: that the R-rating will be respected and that practical effects will be used as much as possible. Both very good things.

“It’s definitely going to be as practical as we can possibly make it. I love to do stuff in camera whenever I possibly can, and use CG as the amazing tool that it is, to enhance or expand upon the world, but not to use it to replace reality, when you can do it [for] real.”

“We’ve been granted permission to do it R-rated, which for me is just like taking the cuffs off. It’s like, okay, so now we can just make the movie we want to make. It’s not like I’m going to force it to be R-rated, but if it happens to come out that way, just because of my own sensibilities, then fine. And nobody’s going to stop us. So, that’s the main [difference]. And I’m sure, obviously, the success of things like Deadpool and Logan have not hurt that cause. But, also, when you go back the original material, it is kind of bloody, so I’m going to embrace that.”

This is how you tell the fans exactly what they want to hear, but I suspect there will still be plenty of skepticism. Marshall does know how to get bloody and gory, though. That may not make for a widely-accepted version of Hellboy, though.