Mark Wahlberg Is Leaving 'Transformers' After 'The Last Knight'

Mark Wahlberg is done with Transformers, he's ready to get his life back. Wahlberg joined the franchise with the fourth film, Age of Extinction, which was the start of a new trilogy. But Wahlberg, who reprises his role as Cade Yeager in next week's Transformers: The Last Knight, won't be around to see the end of it. He was on The Graham Norton Show [via DigitalSpy] where he revealed that he will be leaving, just as longtime director Michael Bay is also on the way out...

“This is the last one. This is it — so I can get my life back!” 

Wahlberg went on to talk about how much he hates the haircut he has to sport for the role, but that's probably just him being a goof. He probably just wants to move on to other, deeper, more meaningful films like Daddy's Home 2.

It does seem like the Transformers series is moving in a different direction, just as it did after Shia LaBeouf departed. The Last Knight's promos have largely focused on the new additions to the cast, such as Isabela Moner, Laura Haddock, and Anthony Hopkins (!!!), while the upcoming kid-friendly Bumblebee spinoff will be led by Hailee Steinfeld.

So what does this mean for Wahlberg's character? Perhaps he'll go to that great Metroplex in the sky? Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 21st.