Mahershala Ali Will Star In 'True Detective' Season 3, If It Happens

After a disappointing second season of True Detective, one many consider such a departure from the quality of the first season they want it to just go away, HBO has found a way to get people excited: cast Oscar-winning Moonlight and Luke Cage star Mahershala Ali. Is there anybody who doesn't love Mahershala Ali? Didn't think so.

The Tracking Board was first to report Ali's negotiations to star in a third season of True Detective, which has been up in the air for months but looks like a surer thing now. Landing Ali would be a huge deal for HBO as the show has always cast big names in the lead roles. Ali would follow in the footsteps of Woody Harrrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and others in suiting up for the crime anthology penned by Nic Pizzolatto.  Deadwood's David Milch is also part of the writing team for the next season, assuming HBO gives it the green light.

I have to be honest, I dug the second season more than most. It had a gritty, David Simon-esque feel to it. Granted, it probably would have been better if Simon had actually written it himself, but whatever. I appreciate that they tried something different from the "flat circle" questions that dominated the first season, which was great, don't get me wrong. This time around I'd like to see a season set in an African-American community, and hopefully the casting of Ali is a sign that's where Pizzolatto's head is at.