Josh Gad Is Still Teasing Penguin For DC Films

If rumor persist that Josh Gad will be playing Penguin in an upcoming DCU movie, it's entirely because of Josh Gad himself. Back in May he posted a simple image of the Batman villain, which led to all kinds of Internet speculation. He brushed it off as just some fun with the rabid fanbase, but now he's gone and done it again with this latest image...

Uh, so there IS something to see here. That's Gad alongside the co-heads of DC Films, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, holding up a copy of Batman Adventures featuring Penguin. It's possible Gad lured in Berg and Johns to be a part of his trolling, but then what was the meeting all about in the first place? Chances are there is something going on, but it may not be what we're all expecting. It's no guarantee he's going to play Penguin in The Batman, Gotham City Sirens, or any other live-action movie at this point. We'll just have to endure Gad's teasing until some kind of official announcement is made.

Next up for Gad is Murder On the Orient Express, which would actually be much cooler if Batman were the lead detective not Hercule Poirot.