John Cho & Haley Lu Richardson Bond Over Architecture In Gorgeous Trailer For 'Columbus'

The town of Columbus, Indiana isn't just the unfortunate birthplace of hateful VP Mike Pence, it's known for having some of the most innovative and unique architecture in the country. The special beauty found there forms the backdrop for Kogonada’s much-discussed Sundance drama, Columbus, and it can be felt in the haunting first trailer.

In a too-rare leading role, John Cho stars as a Korean man stuck in Columbus caring or his ailing father, an architect. He encounters and forms a special bond with a young woman (Haley Lu Richardson), an architecture enthusiast, who is staying in town to care for her mother, a recovering addict. Parker Posey, Rory Culkin, and Michelle Forbes co-star.

The buzz I heard in Park City was that the film was incredibly slow and tough to sit through, but nobody mentioned the stunning cinematography by Elisha Christian that gives Columbus a mystical quality. Kogonada, whose name is a tribute to Tokyo Story writer Kōgo Noda, is making his directorial debut and already we can tell he's got an artist's touch behind the camera. 

After being down on Columbus based on the word of others, I'm now anticipating its release on August 4th. [EW]