Jessica Williams Is Irresistible In The Trailer For 'The Incredible Jessica James'

A couple of years ago director Jim Strouse gave Jemaine Clement the best role of his career in People Places Things, a film that found a small but memorable role for The Daily Show's Jessica Williams. Now she's back and working with Strouse again, and this time she's not settling for a small role. She absolutely dominates the screen in The Incredible Jessica James, one of the most enjoyable movies I saw at Sundance, and this new trailer will show you why.

Williams plays the titular character, and basically she is an irresistible force that everybody gravitates to. She plays a confident, bordering on arrogant, New York aspiring playwright who rebounds from an ugly breakup by falling into a relationship with an older man, played by Chris O'Dowd. It seems conventional on the surface, but there's so much more once you dig in. As I said in my review, "...it isn't just arrogance, it's the truth. We love her and all of her braggodocio, but it's the layers of depth Strouse and Williams give her that make Jessica so irresistible."

Also starring Lakeith Stanfield and Noel Wells, The Incredible Jessica James hits Netflix on July 28th.