It's Official: Ron Howard Is Directing The Han Solo Movie (Yawn)

Well, it's official. Ron Howard is the new director of the Han Solo movie. Depending on your feelings on Howard's work that's either great news or extremely dull news.

Howard always seemed like the frontrunner, even ahead of the film's co-writer and Star Wars staple, Lawrence Kasdan. He brings a sure hand, genre experience, and he's not too demanding. Howard can come in, tweak what Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy didn't like about Phil Lord and Chris Miller's direction, and not cause a fuss. There won't be any "creative differences" with him around, and all schedules will be met. He's worked with Lucasfilm before on Willow, and knows how they like to do things.

On the other hand, he's just not that exciting of a choice. And there is the chance of blowback from fans who don't appreciate seeing two popular directors run out of town on a rail. At least Howard only has a few weeks of shooting to do, but then there will come the weeks of reshoots that will likely be extensive.

I wonder if they'll take a new cast photo, only with Howard photoshopped in? Probably not. [THR]