Is Sony's 'Venom' Movie Also Part Of Marvel's Cinematic Universe?

While those of us who marinate in this movie stuff all day probably have a good handle on the separation between the Marvel's cinematic universe and the one Sony is building, it makes sense there would be some confusion for those who don't. What we know is that Sony is moving forward on a franchise using Spider-Man supporting characters, but at this point no version of Spidey exists in it. And the kickoff to that new universe is Venom, with Tom Hardy set to play the brain-eating alien symbiote.

Since Marvel and Sony were able to strike a deal with Spider-Man, perhaps the same thing can be done with Venom? Nope, not so, according to Kevin Feige in his comments to Allocine, saying point blank...

"For now, there is no plan for Venom in the MCU. It’s a Sony Project." 

So much for that. Then again, things could always change, right? If you see some weird, black, alien goo turn up in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 then all bets are off.