Interview: Edgar Wright Talks 'Baby Driver', Avoiding Sequels, And That Awesome Soundtrack

I'm probably not the only one who looks at the release of a new Edgar Wright film as a national holiday. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World counts as one of my ten favorite movies ever, and who doesn't love the Cornetto Trilogy? But Baby Driver is a special cause for celebration. One of the first pieces on this site was a brief mention that Wright was making a movie called Baby Driver, some kind of heist movie he'd been dreaming up for years. We'd hear about it off and on as he worked on other things, but it was after that whole Ant-Man trouble that he finally got right down to making his vision a reality.

And damn, what a vision it is. Baby Driver is a music video/heist movie pumped on steroids, featuring a killer cast that includes Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Lily James, and more. It's a film that only Wright could have made, and only the Wright of right now. He couldn't have made it two years ago or ten years ago; all of his previous experiences have led him to this.

And that is what I and my colleague Tim Gordon spoke with Wright about in our interview. And of course we got his thoughts on that amazing soundtrack and how it came together, plus his thoughts on the industry, sequels, blockbuster movies, and more. Check it out below!