Here's When You Can Expect The Fantastic Four In The MCU

20th Century Fox has repeatedly screwed the pooch with the film rights to Fantastic Four. They've now made three movies, two more than a decade ago that weren't so bad but hardly lit the world on fire. And of course there was the reboot in 2015 that was a complete embarrassment and the measuring stick by which disastrous adaptations are now measured. And while there were early murmurs about a sequel, that shit ain't happenin' any time soon. So now's a pretty good time for Marvel to strike and get them back, right? When's that going to happen?

According to Marvel's Kevin Feige, it may never happen. Or at least, there are zero plans for it to happen right now. He tells AlloCine...

"[We have] no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it."

The timing is interesting, because the original sequel plans would have had it released just a few days ago on June 9th. That's right, if the first film had done alright we'd be talking about Fantastic Four 2 right now (which we still kinda are, I guess) and wondering about a possible FF/X-Men crossover or something.

I think given the nasty working relationship between Fox and Marvel, which extends all the way to the publishing arm, we can't expect to see a similar deal as the one Marvel struck with Sony for Spider-Man. It just doesn't seem likely. Not right now, anyway.