Hailee Steinfeld Is Joining The 'Bumblebee' Spinoff Movie

Despite all of the Transformers movies we've seen, they still haven't figured out how to make one without those pesky human characters.  And sadly, even Bumblebee's spinoff movie will have one, but at least it will be Hailee Steinfeld who is generally enjoyable to watch.

Steinfeld has entered talks for the Bumblebee movie, playing a tomboy who also happens to be a mechanic. Funny how the Autobots keep befriending people who can fix cars. Those robots are smart! The film will be directed by Laika's Travis Knight, who recently made his behind-the-camera debut on Kubo and the Two Strings.

I expect the Oscar-nominated Steinfeld to have a lot to say since Bumblebee can't really talk. He just has a knack for picking up stray humans and driving them into danger. [THR]