Fox May Try A Kid-Friendly 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Next

As Marvel's Kevin Feige recently stated, there are no current plans to get back the Fantastic Four from 20th Century Fox. And as long as they keep making movies, Marvel never will. And while Josh Trank's 2015 reboot was a complete disaster, Fox is pretty much obligated to try try again. Bleeding Cool has a rumor on their next attempt, and no it won't be a sequel, it will instead be another reboot, albeit from a different angle.

The site claims writer Seth Grahame-Smith is working on a script for a new Fantastic Four, one that would be seen from a kids' perspective. Specifically, it will be Franklin and Valeria, the children of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. They hope for the film to be closer in tone to Pixar's The Incredibles.

Grahame-Smith's name should be pretty familiar. He's been getting removed from superhero gigs a lot lately, after all. He did some uncredited scriptwork on Trank's Fantastic Four, and you might recall he was the first director attached to The Flash before he was replaced by Rick Famuyiwa, who would also drop out. So we'll see where this goes or if there's any hard truth to it at all, but for sure there will be another Fantastic Four movie with a different kind of spin on it.