‘Fear The Walking Dead’ S3E4: “100”

This week on Fear The Walking Dead, we catch up one fan-favorite Daniel Salazar in the first Spanish-language only episode of the show.

The last time we saw Salazar, was the season two mid-season finale where he burns down Celia’s estate in Mexico after being held captive and seeing hallucinations.  Because there was fire all around, it was naturally assumed that he was a goner.  Fans were actually bummed as he was a very interesting character, a former Salvadorian soldier who fled to America and became a barber to atone for his sins, but in the world of the zombie apocalypse, his skills are quite handy as we find out in this episode.  As stated before, everyone thought he was dead.  But if you don’t see a body, don’t take anything for granted.  Just about all of the episode is a flashback leading us up to when he and Stand once again encounter each other.

In the aftermath of the fire, Salazar is severely wounded with wounds on his leg.  He can barely walk.  At first, he could have been mistaken for a zombie and possibly shot by a person who mistook him for one.  As he comes across a pack of zombies walking, he tries to hide but is almost eaten by one.  Lucky for him, a dog just happened to divert the zombie’s attention enough for him to be safe.  As he hides under a car, a zombie attacks him the next day.  He is once again saved.  This time though, not by a dog, but by the next best thing, a priest.  Here we meet Efrain, who not only saves Salazar, but helps get him back o the mend.  Salazar is in desperate need of water, so Efrain shows him where a “miracle” water fountain is.  In a shopping area, exactly at 5;00 PM, the fountain turns on for a few minutes, helping desperate people can get some water.  There are groups of militias roaming the streets looking for them as we eventually find out they are a part of the dam from last week who horde over the new currency of the land: water.  In this small community, he meets a woman named Lola who also helps him mend.

After confessing his sins and giving Efrain a haircut, Salazar goes out on his own in search of his daughter Ofelia.  He doesn’t know if she’s alive or not.  Even worse, he doesn’t know if the fire he set might be the cause of her possible death.  He first takes out a zombie at night during a storm.  However, he then comes across a zombie too big to be put down.  He simply kneels to god and then waits for a miracle.  And a miracle does happen.  The zombie is struck by lightning through the head.  Because Salazar was close to it, he also was impacted and fell unconscious in the river.  He awakens the next day and is found by maintenance workers at the dam where it turns out Lola works at.  Lola has been working within the dam to steal water for those less fortunate and has to pretend that she and Salazar don’t know each other.  They bring him in as a maintenance worker as well.

At first, Salazar is keeping his head down and going about his work.  However, when Dante’s security guard tries to push him, instincts kick in and he gives the bad guy a beating.  This catches Dante’s attention and he realizes who Salazar really is.  Salazar is a CIA-trained member of Sombra Negra, the Salvadorian death squads.  Salazar just got a promotion as an enforcer for Dante.  He now is one of the members of the militia going all over the place looking for the water thieves.  In a way, he has gone to the dark side for the sake of survival.  Salazar then betrays Efrain.  He tells Lola that it’s to protect her, but he also is getting back to his old killer ways.  Salazar is forced to beat up Efrain to reveal his source, Lola.  He promises to kill him to protect Lola and Efrain is fine with that.  Dante however, wants to know and forces Salazar to continue beating him up until he reveals the source, which causes Lola to break.

Later on, Dante is getting ready to throw a few more people over the ledge onto a pit of zombies including Efrain, Lola, and Strand.  Salazar allows the nameless redshirt to get tossed, but then his conscious kicks in and he couldn’t bring himself to kill Lola.  He turns on Dante and kills him and his security guards with ease.  He then begs Lola for forgiveness, which she grants.  Although they now control the dam, it looks like Salazar will leave with Strand in search for his daughter.