Carey Mulligan To Play War Correspondent Kate Webb In 'On The Other Side'

If it were up to me Carey Mulligan would be in the awards season discussion every year, regardless of what movie she was in. Chances are she'll be there when Dee Rees' Mudbound opens this fall, and already Mulligan is lining up a new project that sounds like it could pencil her in for contention next year.

Mulligan will produce and star in On the Other Side, a biopic on groundbreaking war correspondent, Kate Webb, who was held in captivity during the Vietnam War.  For 23 days she endured cruel treatment, disease, and even a false report of her own death, only to emerge with the strength to tell her incredible story and inspire an entire generation of female journalists. She documented her experiences in the book, On the Other Side: 23 Days with the Vietcong.

This has awards written all over it, but a lot will depend on who comes aboard as director.  Expect to learn that soon as shooting begins next spring.