Bruce Willis & Hayden Christensen Are On The Hunt In The 'First Kill' Trailer

I saw a prominent website state that "Hayden Christensen is returning to blockbusters" with First Kill. I'm not so sure that writer knows what a blockbuster is, but First Kill surely is not it. Christensen stars alongside Bruce Willis....oh, they think because Willis is in it that means it's a "blockbuster". Awwww, that's sweet to still be living in the 1990s. But no, this is Willis teaming up with his Marauders and Extraction director, Steven C. Miller, for another lousy-looking thriller that won't be at a multiplex near you.

Christensen plays Will, a Wall Street broker who tries to reconnect with his son (Ty Shelton) by taking him on a hunting trip, only to witness a bunch of robbers kill one of their own. When they kidnap his son, Will is forced to work with them on a dangerous heist, while a rugged police chief (Willis) is on their trail.

Ugh. First Kill hits theaters and VOD on July 21st.