Are Phil Lord & Chris Miller Headed Back To 'The Flash'?

Time to look at a potential bright side to Phil Lord and Chris Miller's exit from the Han Solo movie: it leaves them open to do something else? Okay, that's probably small comfort because they were a welcome and exciting addition to Star Wars, and might have done some amazing things with a universe we're all too familiar with. That said, there's a chance they could end up on another big franchise film, one that they're already quite comfortable with and desperately needs a director.

You may recall Lord and Miller wrote a treatment for Warner Bros.' The Flash, but never decided to take the helm. They instead chose the Han Solo movie, and were replaced on The Flash by Seth Grahame-Smith, who was then replaced by Rick Famuyiwa, who left and hasn't been replaced at all. Robert Zemeckis is still supposedly the frontrunner to direct the DC Films project that has Ezra Miller as speedster Barry Allen, but nothing has moved on that in a while.

So there's an opening for Lord and Miller to return, right? The Wrap says the duo actually met with DC Films after Famuyiwa left to see about possibly returning to The Flash, which means they may have been plotting an exit all along.

The Flash has been in a holding pattern for a long time, which has hurt fan confidence in the film. Signing the same duo behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street could go a long way in getting fans excited for it again.