Ansel Elgort Races From 'Baby Driver' To Young JFK In 'Mayday 109'

I hesitate to call this the "Summer of Elgort" or presume too much about the success of Baby Driver, but it does seem like Ansel Elgort is having a moment. And now he's moving from the summer's hottest heist flick to playing one of our greatest Presidents, John F. Kennedy, in Mayday 109.

If you're thinking, "Isn't he a little young?", that's because Elgort will be playing a pre-President JFK, back during his Navy days. Written by Samuel Franco and Evan Kilgore, the film will follow JFK's military heroics during WWII, which led to him being part of one of the greatest rescues in naval history when his PT boat was sunk by Japanese destroyers.

The search is currently on for a director, and having a lead like Elgort in place should make finding one much easier. Who knows if this will interfere with Elgort starring in that Dungeons & Dragons movie, but let's hope so. [Deadline]