‘American Gods’ Highlights: S1E8: “Come To Jesus”

This week, American Gods came to a conclusion of its first season.  Last week departed from the norm as it gave us an episode-long “Coming to America” telling the story of Essie McGowan and Mad Sweeny.  It did reveal that Mad Sweeny is responsible for Laura Moon’s death and not completely because she gave Robbie a sexual favor while he was driving.

This week, Wednesday and Shadow (who we didn’t see last week) continue their trek across America to get to Wisconsin for the Old Gods’ summit.  They make a detour to Kentucky so that Wednesday can recruit yet another Old God, Easter to #teamoldgod.  However, the New Gods also show up at the same location at the same time, and as a result, the war between Old and New Gods has officially begun.

Here are a few highlights from tonight’s episode “Come to Jesus.”

1. Bilquis Returns

It’s been a while since we got to see Bilquis.  This week we learn her history.  There was no “Coming to America” intro like usually.  Instead, while getting a new suit for Easter’s party, Wednesday and Shadow are told of her history by Mr. Nancy (good to see Orlando Jones once again as well as we haven’t seen him since the second episode).  Her backstory goes in depth of her being worshiped in ancient times.  However, she is a woman in power and men will also try and challenge her power.  She was victorious and has adapted over the years.  We see her in Tehran in the 1970s but had to leave when the Iranian Revolution happened.  She then heads to America, but doesn’t get the same devotion as during the 1980s the AIDS crisis happened.  No longer with a flock of people to worship, she’s disheveled and homeless.  Lucky for her, the Technical Boy comes to her aid and offers her a chance at redemption thanks to a Tinder-like app allowing her to meet and sleep with new people gaining worship.  As a result, she’s another Old God now indebted to the New Gods for rebranding them.  Later on in the episode, she avoids the Technical Boy as he wants to call in his marker.  Will she betray the Old Gods, or side with Wednesday?

2. Introducing Easter

Last week we saw a bunny on the road who caused Laura and Mad Sweeny’s truck to crash.  It made you quickly think about the Easter bunny.  Turns out, it was.  Wednesday and Shadow head to Kentucky where they meet Easter.  Easter is Ostara, the Goddess of the dawn who ever spring, rejuvenates the world.  Before Jesus came to be, Easter was all about her.  However, since Jesus’ resurrection, she has had to share the holiday with him.  She does it in stride.  She even gets angry at Wednesday when he brings up the sore subject at her party.  Speaking of the attendees are her party.

3. A Whole Party of Jesuses

A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Mexican Jesus.  As Wednesday said before, there are multiple versions of Jesus for every race on the planet as everyone needs Jesus.  At Easter’s party, Jesus is everywhere.  There was Arab Jesus, Asian Jesus, Black Jesus, Spanish Jesus, and white Jesus (played by Lost alum Jeremy Davies) at the party.  Jesus has a moment where he’s sitting on top of the water at a pool turning water into wine and drops the cup into the water saying, “God damn it,” which is sure to anger some Christians, but was still funny.  That’s when it finally hits Shadow, he’s in a world of Gods.  He and Jeremy Davies’ Jesus have a moment where he’s unsure of his belief and Jesus reassures him in a way that only Jesus could.

4. Easter Can’t Resurrect Laura

Laura and Mad Sweeny arrive at the party to seek an audience with Easter.  After all, she can bring the spring resurrecting the earth, she can carry out a resurrection for her.  Mad Sweeny wants his coin, and Laura wants to feel alive again.  Before Easter decides to resurrect Laura or not, she looks into her eyes to see how she died.  As she looks into the moments of her death, she sees that Mad Sweeny was responsible for her death.  She tells Laura that she cannot resurrect her as she was killed by a God.  Since Mad Sweeny is not a “real” god, she interrogates him (in the most painful fashion) to find out that Wednesday is responsible for her death.  Wednesday is also responsible for Shadow going to jail as well.  He’s been manipulating events for quite some time to ensure that the two of them would meet up and he can have Shadow on his side.

5. Confrontation With The New Gods

Media, Mr. World, and the Technical Boy arrive at the party as well.  Easter is friendly with Media, so it’s no big deal at first.  However, as soon as Wednesday shows up, the Old and New Gods finally have a moment to do some serious smack talking against each other.  The New Gods explain that they are the future and the Old Gods would have to adapt or be wiped out.  Both Wednesday and the New Gods are trying to sway Easter to their side.  Media tells about the deal she made with Saint Nick (and how popular Christmas is).  

Ultimately Wednesday wins by showing his power.  After taking out some of the Technical Boy’s drones with a lightning bolt, he finally reveals who he truly is to Shadow.  Wednesday is Odin.

6. Easter Uses Her Power And The War Begins

Easter makes up her mind and uses her power.  As she is responsible for rejuvenating the world by bringing spring, she has immense power.  Instead of delivering spring, she takes it away.  With that, the fields begin to die all over the place.  Wednesday says by taking away spring, people will have to pray for it, giving Easter more power.  This is the first major action against the New Gods, and the war between Old and New has officially begun.  We’ll have to wait until next season to see how the New Gods strike back.