A Weird TV Show Is Reborn In New Trailer For 'Brigsby Bear' Starring SNL's Kyle Mooney

Maybe it's the mean-spirited, materialistic world we live in, but there has been an uptick in movies about packing up and going off the grid. Last year's Captain Fantastic was, I think, one of the best examples, earning Viggo Mortensen a much-deserved Oscar nomination for Best Actor. And at this year's Sundance there was a great deal of buzz surrounding Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary's odd dramedy, Brigsby Bear, which is due to hit theaters this summer.

Directed by McCary and starring Mooney, an SNL vet in his first leading role, the film follows a young man who was kidnapped at a young age and raised away from civilization by parents who created a phony TV show for him called "Brigsby Bear". When he's rescued as an adult, he's shocked to learn nobody else has heard of the show, and sets out to recreate it, and its life lessons, to cope with a world he doesn't understand.

McCary and Mooney, who also co-wrote the script, also work together a the L.A. sketch comedy duo Good Neighbor, so they know one another's style of humor. I'm not sure it'll be for everyone, but it looks like the kind of film that will really connect with a certain audience. Also starring Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, and Greg Kinnear with a ton of guest cameos, Brigsby Bear opens July 27th. Check out the trailer below, followed by a clip featuring Hamill.