'A Dog's Purpose' Sequel In The Works Because China Really Wants It

Considering it was hit with charges of animal abuse, pup reincarnation drama A Dog's Purpose did pretty well domestically, earning $64M on a pretty modest budget. However, it did twice as well overseas for a total approaching $200M. The bulk of that came from China, who apparently really took to the film, and so you know what that means, don't you? A sequel is on the way, geared towards China's audience.

A sequel to A Dog's Purpose has been launched by Amblin Entertainment, and this one will have China's filmgoers in mind. So how's that work? It turns out the previous film really resonated with middle-class Chinese pet owners, thanks to a targeted marketing campaign.

So instead of giving us a dog voiced by Josh Gad, maybe this one will be voiced by Jackie Chan? It's just an idea, and one I'm sure producers have already kicked around.  [WSJ]