You're Getting That Third 'Hellboy' Movie, After All, Just Not As You Hoped

Despite neither Hellboy film being what anybody would call a hit, fans have been begging for there to be a third movie. So has star Ron Perlman, for that matter. But Guillermo Del Toro shot down those hopes earlier this year, later teasing that a different project could emerge someday. Well everybody, you're finally getting what you asked for. Only...it's not what you asked for at all.

A new live-action Hellboy movie is in the works, but it won't have Del Toro or Perlman. It won't even be a direct sequel, instead rebooting the entire franchise with The Descent director Neil Marshall and Stranger Things star David Harbour. Hey, he's gotta use that square jaw and box head for something, might as well be for Hellboy. He was recently a top candidate for Cable in Deadpool 2, so he's getting his hero fix a different way. There's an early title, Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen, with a script by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (who broke the news), Andrew Crosby, and Christopher Golden.

Worth noting is that this new Hellboy will be R-rated, which is a good fit for Marshall and a way to differentiate from Del Toro's films. Obviously, the response to this is going to be mixed until we see Harbour under gallons of red paint and with a giant stone hand, but I for one am happy that Hellboy has a chance of returning to the big screen when a few months ago that seemed unlikely.