'Wonder Woman' Just Got The Coolest Manga-Style Poster

When Wonder Woman opens here in a couple of weeks it will also be debuting in a number of other countries. A big one is going to be China, obviously, and if the film is going to be the success Warner Bros. need/want it to be to launch a franchise, they will need it to be huge there. And now we're getting a look at how the film is being marketed for the Chinese market. Not only are they getting a new trailer, but China just got the most awesome poster we've seen for the movie yet.

A Japanese manga style is used for the new Wonder Woman poster, complete with Gal Gadot having a cute pointy little nose and big eyes. Chris Pine's Steve Trevor and Connie Nielsen's Queen Hippolyta are also featured, with soldiers in the background signifying the film's WWI setting. Can we get all of the DC movies done in anime/manga style, please? As for the trailer, it has a few brief snippets of new footage, including a glimpse at the main villain, Ares, who we have seen very little of.

Wonder Woman opens June 2nd, directed by Patty Jenkins.