Watch WWE's Eva Marie & Nicolas Cage In The Unbelievably Bad Trailer For 'Inconceivable'

WWE fans have been justifiably upset elated at not having Ms. "All Red Everything" Eva Marie gracing the squared circle for so long. Look...she ain't comin' back. She was a terrible wrestler, she's gotten rid of the striking crimson hair that was her signature, and she's removed every mention of the WWE from her social media profiles despite still being under contract. Besides, she's been way too busy making awesome movies with Nicolas Cage, like Inconceivable, which we first warned you about reported on a year ago.

Well now we have a trailer, and I'm surprised by how much Eva Marie, real name Natalie Eva Marie, is in this thing. In what looks like another case of Cage paying off his tax debts, the film centers on a married couple (Cage and Gina Gershon, the yin and yang of the $2 DVD bin) who befriend a mysterious new neighbor (Nicky Whelan) who may have deadly intentions. In fact, we know she does and it comes at poor Eva Marie's expense, apparently.

Eva Marie now gets to brag that she's been in a movie with both Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway, who is in this, too. John Cena can't say that. Neither can The Rock. Boom. Inconceivable hits theaters (theater?) and VOD on June 30th.