'Top Gun 2' Targets Joseph Kosinski For Director

We're seeing the first genuine movement on a Top Gun sequel since Tony Scott passed away in 2012. With Tom Cruise stating that a start date could come as soon as next year, we knew there had to be information on a director to follow. And now we're hearing about the guy who may be the frontrunner, and it's not really a surprising choice.

Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise in Oblivion, is the actor's top pick although no offer has been made yet. That may change pretty quickly as Variety adds, “sources say it was Kosinski’s vision for where he saw the sequel going that officially won him the job." The film will deal with drone warfare that has essentially replaced an entire generation of fighter pilots.

Kosinski is not only buds with Cruise who likes to work with the same people frequently, but he's also a director who loves making movies about technology. His most high-profile work to date was on Tron: Legacy, and there continues to be talk of a third movie based on the 1980s classic. He recently completed work on the true firefighter drama, Granite Mountain, which opens this fall.