Tom Holland Takes Young Nathan Drake Role In 'Uncharted' Prequel

While there's a world of difference between a Marvel movie like Spider-Man: Homecoming and just about any other project, Sony is using the film as a springboard to different franchises. They're already moving forward on their own shared universe of Spidey characters that will be led by Tom Hardy's Venom. And now they're doubling down on star Tom Holland by giving him another franchise to call his own in the long-developing Uncharted movie.

Holland will play a young Nathan Drake in what's now being billed as a prequel adaptation of the hit adventure video games. The film, which Shawn Levy will direct, will follow Drake's first encounter with the professional rogue, Sullivan, based on a sequence taken from the third game.

Multiple writers have taken a crack at this, with different directors and stars with each new take. Originally this was going to be another collaboration between David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg, but that was a long time ago. Now it belongs to Levy and Holland, and the actor's fan-favorite turn as Spidey can only help finally Uncharted off the ground this time. [Deadline]