Tom Cruise Says 'Top Gun' Sequel May Shoot Next Year

Tom Cruise recently appeared on an Australian morning show to talk about The Mummy, and ended up confirming something that has been confirmed and re-confirmed multiple times by different people, that a Top Gun sequel is happening. Only this time Cruise thinks they have an actual start window. We'll see about that. Here's his response when asked by the host whether Top Gun 2 is a reality...

"It's true. I'm going to start probably in the next year. I know, it's happening. It's definitely happening." He then added, "You're the first people I've said it to, you asked me and so I'm telling you."

A sequel to the 1986 classic has been in the works for years, but got derailed by the death of original director, Tony Scott, in 2012. Justin Marks was hired to write the screenplay, that Scott wanted to be about the transformation of the Air Force's fighter pilot program into one focused on drone warfare. There have been multiple movies on that topic by now so one wonders if a new approach will be taken. Does anybody want to see Maverick sitting at a console rather than in the air?  Val Kilmer stated that he was getting back in the cockpit to play Maverick's rival, Iceman, but who knows if he was being serious.