This Week In DC TV: Barry Has To Figure Out A Way To Fight Himself

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Things are really heating up in the Arrowverse.  On Supergirl, Rhea enacts her plan by using alien refugees to cause chaos. On The Flash, now that Barry knows who Savitar really is, he has to figure out a way to defeat himself.  But how can you defeat a foe who knows your very thoughts? On Arrow, Oliver continues his hunt for Chase, but some old family history threatens him and his family legacy.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “'City of Lost Children”

It’s about time that James Olsen had something to do.  At first, he was Kara’s love interest, but for some reason, the producers opted that she should be with Mon-El instead of him.  They then tried to make him the Arrowverse’s version of Guardian and be National City’s vigilante.  However, they really haven’t been using him well on the show.  In this week’s episode, they give him something to do as James Olsen, not Guardian.

The episode opens with James seeing the dark side of being a vigilante.  After saving a young woman from assault, she is more afraid of him than the people who were going to beat (possibly rape) her.  Later on, as a civilian, he notices an alien in a park who starts to levitate and then unleash a telekinetic attack across the area.  Not wearing his Guardian armor, there’s little James can do besides try and help get people out of the way.  Lucky for everyone else, Supergirl arrives on the scene and saves the day.  James isn’t exactly jealous, but he realized just how insignificant an armored vigilante riding a motorcycle is when the city has a literal god to save them.

James does catch a lead that can help everything though.  After stopping a drug deal, an alien fearful of jail squeals that the alien responsible is a Phorian and they know who the culprit is.  When he tracks down the alien at her home, he does not find the woman, but instead her son.  Because the child reminds James of himself, he takes off his mask and befriends the young child.  After taking him to the DEO, everyone notices that the boy is shut down from talking to everyone except James.  James then takes the kid with him to spend the day bonding with him.  Out of nowhere, the same thing that happened to his mother happens to him as he levitates and unleashes a destructive telekinetic wave.  After Supergirl once again saves the day, the boy awakens from a trance, so the Phorians aren’t doing it on purpose.

Turns out the thing that Rhea and Lena Luthor are doing is responsible for the damage.  Rhea is having Lena use her resources to test on a teleportation device that could revolutionize Earth and its travel planetarily and interplanetary.  After the first two tests, they try again.  This time, it’s working.  The big problem is that James and the rest of the DEO have located the young boy’s mother, as well as other Phorians, are in hiding.  All of their minds linked together the telekinetic wave is even stronger and even more devastating.  James tries to reach out to Marcus pleading to him to snap out of the trance.  In this moment, James proves to be a hero without his Guardian armor on.

Kara, J’onn, Mon-El and the rest of the DEO realize what Rhea was doing.  Lana realizes that she was deceived, but it was too late.  The portal opens up and it’s the entire Daxamite fleet from across the universe.  Now, it’s an invasion from a hostile alien force, determined to take over Earth.

Next week is adequately titled “Resist” as National City is under siege.  Plus, Cat Grant returns!

The Flash: “Cause and Effect"

Barry know who Savitar is, now he has to defeat him

Last week dropped the bombshell (that hardcore comic fans have known for quite some time) that Savitar, the God of Speed, is, in fact, Barry Allen from another timeline.  But why would Barry, no matter how bad the future became, would decide to kill his beloved Iris and go up against Team Flash?  The episode begins and answers many of these questions for us.  Continuing where last week left off, Barry and Savitar Barry meet face to face and he explains how he came to be.  Remember the time remnants from last season, where Barry created an identical copy of himself.  Barry convinced his time remnant to sacrifice himself to help stop Zoom last season.  Savitar reveals that he is one of the time remnants that Barry will create in the future to fight and defeat Savitar.  Savitar let this one remnant live (because he would become Savitar) and when he tries to fit in with Team Flash in the aftermath, they treat him like an “other” because he wasn’t the “real Barry” causing the darkness in him to grow.  That darkness eventually manifested in him becoming Savitar.  Barry’s had enough and the two briefly engage in battle until Savitar escapes.

After Barry reveals who Savitar really is to Team Flash, they have to try and figure out a way to stop a guy who has experienced everything Barry has.   Cisco comes up with the idea od stopping Barry’s short term memory.  If Barry forgets current events, then Savitar will not be able to remember key things to defeating him and killing Iris.  They form a beta test where they pretty much wipe the slate clean for Barry and he doesn’t remember who he is.  This works great for Grant Gustin who really flexed his acting chops this episode.  In addition to playing Savitar, an evil version of Barry, him playing “clean slate” Barry, he gets to act as naïve as possible.  With his memory wiped, he doesn’t know how to be a forensic scientist (which plays funny when he has to testify in a court case as an expert witness), he doesn’t remember his parents, he doesn’t remember Iris, Joe, and Team Flash, he doesn’t even remember how to be the Flash or that he has Speed Force powers.  This works in their favor as Savitar doesn’t know who he is either.  

Killer Frost knows that Savitar isn’t quite himself and she shows up at STAR Labs.  In a surprising change of pace, she offers to help them because if Barry gets his memory stored than so will Savitar.  Cisco, who is still reeling from their last encounter realizes that the best way to get Caitlin Snow back,is to try and reach her.  As hey are trying to figure out formulas to help reverse Barry’s condition, Cisco reminisces on the past, forcing Killer Frost to remember her time as Caitlin Snow.  While in the short term, this (and Julian declaring his love for her) doesn’t play off, she leaves STAR Labs more confused than ever.  

While HR and Tracey are flirting, a villain has been released from prison and starts committing arson.  The city needs the Flash.  Because Savitar is responsible for Wally gaining his Kid Flash powers and Savitar doesn’t have his memories, Wally is powerless.  Barry is the only speedster who can save the day, even if he doesn’t know how to use his powers.  He goes to fight “Heat Monger” (they really have to get creative with these names) and is inexperienced.  Team Flash decides to send electro shocks to Barry’s brain mid fight and along with Iris giving him the usual Iris pep talk, he manages to gain his memories and then he defeats Heat Monger (with a newly restored Kid Flash for help).

HR and Tracey have been working on a Speed Force weapon to fight Savitar and they realize it will take more power possible to take care of it.  The power source is being hidden, by King Shark!

Next week, Barry will team up with Captain Cold (isn’t he dead in this timeline?) to steal the power source in “Infantino Street.
Arrow: “Honor Thy Fathers"

This entire season of Arrow has been incredibly personal for Oliver as he’s dealing with a foe of his own creation.  Adrian Chase became Prometheus as a result of Oliver killing his father during his reckless days as “the hood.”  In tonight’s episode, Adrian ups the ante.

The episode begins with Oliver receiving a suspicious package delivered to the Mayor’s Office.  Oliver must be the most hands-on mayor as he bypasses all safety protocols and opens what could be a deadly weapon.  It turns out it’s not a weapon, but a box full of remains.  The remains they discover happen to be from a deceased councilman, Henry Goodwin.  As they are investigating what Goodwin’s connection to Prometheus is, there is none.  But there is a connection to Goodwin for another person, Oliver Queen’s father, Robert Queen.  The new working theory is that Robert killed this man, and used his political connections to cover it up.  Not only is Adrian trying to sully the name of the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen, he’s going after the whole family.  

Oliver refuses to accept this and thinks that Adrian is simply trying to play another round of mind games with Oliver.  Without evidence, he will be forced to hold a press conference.  Thea (who has been absent almost all season) returns to talk with him and talk him out of it.  Further tests on the body reveal heavy amounts of copper, which leads Oliver and Team Arrow to an abandoned warehouse that used to be owned by Queen Consolidated.  When they arrive, Chase springs a trap for Oliver as he and Diggle are almost buried alive in concrete in a sealed room.  Thanks to Dinah, Curtis, and the T-Spheres, they manage to save the two at the last minute.  Meanwhile Derek Sampson (WWE star Cody Rhodes returns) the villain who can feel no pain has aligned himself with Chase and plans on using chemicals that Chase’s father used years ago which could have devastating results.

Meanwhile, in flashback land, we are getting close to the time where Arrow first began in season one when Oliver was found on Lian Yu.  Most of the flashback shows Oliver going back to the island with Anatoly to help set up for when Oliver would be found there.  To make everything match up to how it was in the first season premiere, Oliver has to wear a wig and a fake beard, as well as have Anatoly bribe fishermen to come and “find” him.  It’s good that we are finally getting to the beginning and the show is going back to its basics.  Oliver details his plan to save his city as The Arrow.  

Team Arrow heads to catch up with Derek Sampson so they can stop the chemicals from becoming a weapon that Chase can use and face off against him and his goons.  Oliver opts to finally don the hood again (opposed to the black mask he has been wearing), meaning he’s back as The Green Arrow and once again ready to save the city.  Also, there is Chase as the two once again duke it out.  As the two fight and Chase taunts him, Oliver returns the favor saying that his father never gave up on him (unlike Chase’s father).  These words defeat Chase better than any combat ever could.  Chase surrenders and offers to let Oliver kill him.  He instead opts to ensure that Chase will pay for his crimes and arrests him.  The episode ends with Mayor Queen giving a press conference saying that Chase is in custody, along with the uncomfortable truth behind his father, although he does leave behind some kind words for about his father, helping him becoming the man he is today.

Next week, even with Chase in custody, he’s not done with Oliver as several members of Team Arrow go “Missing.”