The Great War Is Here In New Trailer For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

While some aspects of HBO's Game of Thrones have moved at rapid pace, others have taken season upon season and still haven't come to a close. How much longer do we have to wait for Daenerys and her dragon-led army to reach Westeros? But with only 13 episodes left in the final two seasons the pace has to pick up, and this new trailer promises all of the storylines we've been following through six seasons will finally converge in all-out war.

The new trailer for Game of Thrones' seventh season is basically a "Previously on..." check-in with all of the principle characters. And it turns out everybody is gearing up for "The Great War". Cersei is rallying her forces while brother Jaime worries she may be worse than the Mad King; Jon Snow has war brewing in the North; the White Walkers are...well, walking; and more.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16th.