'The Flash' Director Shortlist Includes Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi, & Matthew Vaughn

We haven't heard much about Warner Bros.' plans for The Flash since the film was derailed for a second time when Rick Famuyiwa dropped out as director. Last thing was the studio's hopes to add it to the 2018 slate, which currently only has Aquaman on it. While they have to work around star Ezra Miller's busy schedule filming Fantastic Beasts 2, there's still hope to get it moving this year, and for that a new director needs to be found.

The latest names to emerge as contenders are Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis, and Matthew Vaughn. All are accomplished veterans who would being very different approaches to the superhero speedster's first solo movie. Vaughn is hot right now after Kingsman: The Secret Service and the upcoming sequel, but he may be to busy with a third film. He also has superhero movie experience after directing X-Men: First Class, arguably the most distinct of that entire franchise. Raimi obviously has the Spider-Man trilogy to his credit, making him the most experienced in this genre. Zemeckis, who has never shown any interest in this direction before, kind of seems like an outlier.

Other candidates are in the mix, too, so there's a chance someone we don't know about will get the gig. Whoever does will be working from a script by Joby Harold, who recently wrote WB's failed King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, so don't be surprised if the director asks for at least one more rewrite. [THR]