The First Trailer For Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' Finally Arrives

When the teaser for The Dark Tower hit last night, I noted that there hasn't been a ton of buzz surrounding the film, despite it having, possibly, Stephen King's most rabid fanbase. Make no mistake, a big part of the reason was Sony's decision to withhold any marketing on the film, other than a few random images and set photos that didn't reveal much. With the story being altered heavily to become more or less a sequel to King's books, it's likely Sony and director Nikolaj Arcel didn't want to give away their hand prematurely.

Well now the curtain has been pulled back with the arrival of the first trailer, featuring Idris Elba as the heroic gunslinger Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as his mortal enemy, The Man in Black. Roland is charged with preventing the destruction of the Dark Tower which could lead to the end of all existence. Tom Taylor plays Jake Chambers, a young boy from our world who accompanies Roland on his mission. Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick, and Jackie Earle Haley co-star. Here is the official synopsis:

Jake, who is still reeling over the death of his hero dad, a first responder on 9/11 who succumbed to toxic exposure, has a series of terrifying and apocalyptic visions that have made him doubt his own sanity. But when Jake narrowly avoids being abducted by terrifying creatures in human form, he escapes into another world. In this strange new reality, Jake teams with weary and disillusioned hero, Roland Deschain, a knight-like warrior bent solely on avenging himself against his age-old nemesis.

The Dark Tower opens July 28th.