'The Boss Baby 2' Will Take Charge In 2021

Want to know what the #6 highest-grossing movie of the year is with $468M, more than Get Out, Ghost In The Shell, and John Wick Chapter Two? It's The Boss Baby, proving that people really love Alec Baldwin when he's voicing a child, just as he does on SNL. Put him in an actual movie like Paris Can Wait and nobody shows up. Anyway, Dreamworks is keen to get as much milk out of this bottle as possible, and have already lined up a sequel.

Dreamworks and Universal have announced The Boss Baby 2 for March 26th 2021. Of course Baldwin will be back voicing the baby who speaks and acts like a power-mad mini Donald Trump. His arrival into a new family annoys 7-year-old Tim, who comes to find out the baby actually has a mission to stop people from loving puppies so much. It still sounds crazy weird, even now.

No word on the sequel's plot and if it will directly adapt author Marla Frazee's 2016 sequel, The Bossier Baby, which introduces a sister into the mix.