Sylvester Stallone & Jackie Chan Are Finally Making A Movie Together

Sylvester Stallone has been wanting to make a movie with Jackie Chan for a while, and vice-versa.  At one point it looked like it would happen in The Expendables 3, but Chan turned it down and we never got to see the two action-movie legends cross paths. Now that Stallone has ditched that franchise, he and Chan are finally getting a chance to work together in exactly the kind of movie we'd want to see them in.

Stallone and Chan will star in Ex-Baghdad, an action flick from Need for Speed director Scott Waugh. Penned by Arash Amel (Grace of Monaco), the film stars Chan as a private security contractor who teams with Stallone's ex-Marine to stop a plan to steal a fortune in oil from a Chinese-run oil refinery in Iraq.

Chan movies are always a big deal in China but this one is shaping up to be huge with an $80M budget, making it one of China's most expensive movies ever.