Spy Thriller 'All The Old Knives' Lands Chris Pine, Michelle Williams, & James Marsh

It took Taylor Sheridan's amazing screenplay for Hell or High Water to do it, but Chris Pine is finally no longer just the guy who plays Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies. Good for him, and hopefully he's not overshadowed too much in Wonder Woman (He will and should be).  Anyway, he's lined up another promising project, and this time he'll be working with an Oscar-winning director and a multiple Oscar-nominated actress. Maybe some of their good fortune will rub off?

Pine will star with Michelle Williams in the spy movie All the Old Knives, an adaptation of Ole Steinhauer's book by Man on Wire and The Theory of Everything director, James Marsh. The film follows two CIA agents and former lovers who meet to discuss an old mission that led to a conspiracy one of them got wrapped up in. 

If all of this sounds a little bit familiar, Idris Elba and Kate Winslet were eyeing it just last year when Neil Burger was attached. Not sure this is a trade up, and personally I'd kill for that Elba/Winslet version, or an Elba/Williams duo, but Pine/Williams will do. And Marsh, at least to me, is a definite step up from Burger. [Variety]