*SPOILER* 'Logan' Deleted Scene Reveals A Character's Sad Demise

Logan is unquestionably the most violent film in the X-Men franchise,with the R-rating to match.  While there was a lot of death to be found in James Mangold's film, there was one death that we didn't see. And with the film hitting Digital HD today at the same time a black & white version hits select theaters, it's a perfect time to see what was left out.

A deleted scene reveals the sad fate of Stephen Merchant's albino, sun-hating mutant tracker Caliban. One of the most peaceful and timid characters in the film, Caliban's demise was all but assured right from the beginning. That world was no place for a mutant like him. This scene is short but powerful, although I'd be lying if I said Caliban got a hero's end. That was no world for heroes, either.

Logan hits Blu-Ray/DVD on May 23rd.