Scott Derrickson To Direct 'Snowpiercer' TV Pilot, Daveed Diggs To Star

It was a couple of years ago, a few months after Bong Joon-Ho's Snowpiercer made a splash with sci-fi fans, that we first learned it may be adapted into a TV series. About a year later TNT agreed to air the pilot, and now we're learning of some interesting talent that will be involved with it on both sides of the camera.

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson will direct the pilot, with Grammy and Tony Award-winning Hamilton star Daveed Diggs taking the lead role. He'll play Layton Well, a prisoner who is on the terrible end of a social hierarchy aboard the perpetually-moving train carrying the last remnants of humanity. Layton will join a Resistance with plans to change the balance of power.

Josh Friedman, a writer on James Cameron's Avatar sequels, will act as writer and showrunner should Snowpiercer go to series. Kind of surprising it hasn't already gotten a full season order given some of the flimsier projects that do.