*UPDATE* Sam Raimi & Marc Webb Say No To Directing 'The Flash', Billy Crudup Still In

*UPDATE* Warner Bros. has chimed in to state that Billy Crudup is still on board to play Barry Allen's father, despite the previous report seen below. We'll see how long that lasts if the delays continue. [via CBM]

The Amazing Spider-Man's Marc Webb was up to direct The Flash? Really? You'd think after the experience he had with superhero movies before Warner Bros. would know better than to ask him to try another one on for size. But apparently they did, according to EW, and he turned them down. So did Sam Raimi, meaning WB is 0-2 when courting former Spider-Man directors.

Raimi we knew was in the mix because of last night's story that mentioned him along with Matthew Vaughn and Robert Zemeckis. The trade lists Zemeckis as the frontrunner, although that seems like a sketchy claim at this point. Everything surrounding WB's DCU movies is pretty volatile and changes by the day. For instance, Billy Crudup, who was set to play the father to Ezra Miller's Barry Allen, has left the project, probably because of all the delays.

Even if Zemeckis signs on he has to complete  Steve Carell's adaptation of documentary Marwencol first, and that's going to take him through the year. If WB wants to get The Flash in production now so it can be ready for 2018 they may need to look elsewhere. No matter what it really looks like they are rushing this thing, and that is never good.