Rock 'n Wrestling Is Back In New Trailer For Netflix's 'GLOW'

Netflix is putting the full weight of their marketing machine into GLOW, the upcoming comedy series based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. And it's easy to see why; the series hails from Jenji Kohan, creator of their flagship show, Orange is the New Black, and clearly they are hoping for a similarly successful look at a diverse array of women in a confined space and forced to wear uniforms, in this case neon-colored spandex.

Alison Brie stars as a struggling actress who signs up for GLOW not really knowing what it is, but she'll do anything to keep her career afloat, even become a *gasp* lady wrestler. This trailer fleshes out the cast of characters considerably more than we've seen before, even giving some love to Kia Stevens aka real-life professional wrestler (and legit badass) Awesome Kong. You gonna call her a "big black woman" you better be ready to catch an Implant Buster, which was her finisher back in the day.

This should be crazy fun, especially with Marc Maron trying to keep everybody in check and the underrated Betty Gilpin (from Nurse Betty) making Brie's life miserable.  I will be binge watching the crap out of GLOW when it debuts on June 23rd.