RIP Roger Moore: 1927-2017

Sir Roger Moore who, most famously, played James Bond from 1970's Live and Let Die until 1985's A View to a Kill has died at the age of 89 surrounded by friends and family. While most people tend to list Connery as their favorite Bond it's really Moore we have to thank for the characters longevity. After the role passed, infamously, to George Lazenby for one film before the producers went crawling back to Connery it seemed like there was only one Bond. Moore was brought in after Connery's second departure from the role and brought with him not just a new face, but a new style to 007 and proved that the MI6 superspy's character was able to adapt and change while keeping a large audience. His take on the role was bold, changing Connery's cold hearted assassin with a penchant for womanizing to a more light hearted and fun spy....with a penchant for womanizing. It was a move that good have easily blown up in his face but thanks to his charm and ability lead to the longest run any actor has had in the role of Bond. For 15 years he returned to bring us the most comical and sometimes downright ludicrous (looking at you Moonraker!) adventures of Bond while still maintaining the action and espionage related heart of the series. While he never reached the same heights in his later career as he did with Bond, Moore continued working consistently right up until his passing with his final listed credit being a voice role in the upcoming Troll Hunters due out in 2018. 

Thank You Sir Moore, your spirit will live on forever in the hearts of your fans and the soul of your films!
Sir Roger Moore
October 14th 1927 - May 23rd 2017