Ray Romano & Chris O'Dowd Go Hollywood In The 'Get Shorty' Series Trailer

Since 1995's Get Shorty there have been a couple of attempts to get the tone of author Elmore Leonard's crime stories just right. There was the sequel, Be Cool, which misfired despite a cast that was largely the same; there was Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown which remains one of his most divisive movies; and 2013's Life of Crime which got the vibe right but nobody went out to see it.

So it's back to Get Shorty with Epix's upcoming series which stars Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano as Miles and Rick, the characters played by John Travolta and Gene Hackman in the movie. The action has been moved from Miami to Las Vegas, which seems like an odd decision, and follows a criminal who decides he wants to be a Hollywood movie producer.

I'm not sure how this is going to work, but based on this trailer the duo of O'Dowd and Romano could be worth the effort to find out.  Get Shorty will debut its ten-episode first season on August 13th.