Pennywise Lurks In the Sewers In New Trailer For 'It'

Fear of clowns may seem silly, but it's a very real thing. Remember the national freak out when people dressed as clowns starting just...going out in public? 911 was flooded with calls, the nightly news was filled with stories of clowns being shot at by terrified citizens. It was a scene, man. The things that are meant to bring us joy just as often bring us great pain,  right? And no creature embodies that more than Stephen King's ghastly demon clown, Pennywise. So if you're scared of clowns this trailer for It probably isn't for you.

Not that he's seen all that much, and that's exactly why it's so effective. The footage shows the boys of Derry, Maine lurking around in a sewer, which is already a terrible idea. We keep expecting the worse to happen, and the wait for it is excruciating. If director Andy Muschietti can bring this kind of tension to the movie then we're all going to pissin' ourselves at the first sign of Bozo.

Bill Skarsgard is Pennywise, joined by a young cast led by Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things and Jaeden Lieberher of Midnight Special. It opens September 8th.