Of Course 'Resident Evil' Is Getting A Franchise Reboot

None of us here are stupid people. We all knew that when the sixth movie in the Resident Evil franchise was titled The Final Chapter, it didn't actually mean it was the end of anything. Why would it be? Unquestionably the most successful video game adaptations ever, these movies have made over $1.2B while costing next to nothing. That doesn't come around very often, and studio Constantin Film isn't about to let it go. Get ready for more nefarious zombie schemes from the Umbrella Corp.

While at Cannes, Constantin Film's Martin Moszkowicz confirmed to Variety that a Resident Evil reboot was in the works. So no more of Milla Jojovich's Alice, unfortunately, but she really took that role and ran with it, becoming an international superstar as a result. No details on casting or the director were available yet, but I imagine we'll be hearing more on that soon.

What do you think? Are you ready for more Resident Evil? Or should they just let this franchise die?