New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Debuts To Shut Up The Stupid Idiots

Somehow over the weekend a really silly, possibly destructive narrative emerged that Warner Bros. hasn't been promoting Wonder Woman enough.  One of which was this hack piece of shit from Uproxx, which says Suicide Squad had three trailers at this point in its marketing...which is fine unless you're comparing it to Wonder Woman which also has three and now a fourth with tonight's new one that premiered during Gotham. They also wonder why Justice League has a "Meet the Team' biography when Wonder Woman doesn't. Well...Wonder Woman isn't a damn team movie, you stupid idiot.

All of this bugged me because it's more proof of the prejudice some in the movie press have against Warner Bros. and the DCEU that they would create concerns that don't exist. They are already beginning to sew the seeds of failure, planting in some people's minds that Warner Bros. has a bias against its own movie, the first major one to feature a female star and a female director. There are, unfortunately, many who will take these false claims as serious. I heard it too many times over the last few days that Warner Bros. isn't investing in Wonder Woman like they did other movies. Nevermind the actual numbers, courtesy of Vanity Fair, show it has oustripped Suicide Squad in terms of marketing dollars by a substantial amount. Can't let the facts get in the way of a clickable story.

Maybe Wonder Woman needs to use her golden lasso of truth on the writers at Uproxx.

To make my point a bit further, the reason why Warner Bros. isn't smashing us over the head with promos is because they aren't as worried about Wonder Woman. People are excited for it, there is genuinely good buzz, and the trailers have been terrific. At this point in Suicide Squad's marketing they were worried about it being a hit, based on reports of reshoots and a swell of negative buzz that had been ongoing for months. Justice League has an incredible amount of burden placed on it, which is why the hype for it began so long ago. Gotta keep all of this in perspective, folks.

Anyway, here is the FOURTH trailer for Wonder Woman, which is again damned impressive. The film opens June 2nd and hopefully will be just the first of many to come because Gal Gadot is friggin' boss.